Chirurgie : un casque à rayons X pour voir à travers la peau


Et si la peau n’était plus un obstacle pour voir ce qu’il se passe dans le corps quand on opère ? La startup israélienne Augmedics développe un casque intégrant des rayons X, qui se porte comme un casque de réalité virtuelle. Baptisée Xvision, il permettra aux chirurgiens de ne plus quitter des yeux le patient pour consulter sur des écrans ce qu’il se passe dans son corps. De quoi améliorer leur efficacité et leur permettre d’opérer en trois dimensions.


Augmedics develops xvision™ – an Augmented-Reality Head-Mounted Display for spine surgery. xvision allows surgeons to see the patient’s anatomy through skin and tissue, as if they had « X-Ray Vision ». Based on Augmedics’ patented technology, the xvision system projects the patient’s anatomy, in real time, directly onto the surgeon’s retina, with surgical precision and outstanding depth perception. xvision increases safety in surgery, reduces x-ray radiation, and facilitates minimally invasive procedures.

xvision ensures that throughout any surgical procedure, surgeons are able to visually and accurately track all their surgical instruments well within their field of vision as they work. A combination of proprietary positioning system, hardware, software, an image data merging unit, and specialized instruments – safely guide the surgeon through the operating site during major and minor surgical procedures.

With the xvision system, surgeons benefit from close-up views of all the anatomical structures along the operation path, whether in open or percutaneous procedures.


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Yoqneam, Israel