ISRAELVALLEY EST PARTENAIRE DE LA CONFERENCE GoforIsraël, l’un des rendez-vous annuels les plus attendus des investisseurs israéliens et mondiaux. Sa prochaine édition se tiendra à l’Hôtel Hilton de Tel Aviv. Avec de nombreux Chinois. « Le GoforIsrael a permis de réaliser des milliards de dollars, des levées de capitaux en Europe et en Chine« indique Edouard Cukierman, » les investisseurs chinois sont maintenant les chefs de file mondiaux dans les investissements en Israël ». La rencontre 2019 abordera les Nouvelles Technologies, les Médias et Télécom, l’immobilier, Pharma-Biotech, les Technologies vertes, et, bien sûr, l’image d’Israël dans le monde. Parmi les intervenants annoncés à l’édition 2019 de GoforIsraël, on notera l’ex Ministre Yair Shamir et Roger Cukierman.

LE PLUS. Organized by Cukierman & Co. and Catalyst Funds, GoforIsrael has been one of the most influential business conferences in Israel for over 20 years. The Conference addresses current issues in fundraising and establishes strategic alliances globally between Israeli companies, businesses and financial institutions. It brings together an increasing number of investors, participants and organizations.

In our most recent conference in Jinan, China there were 1,400 participants, over 100 Israeli companies, 1,000 Chinese investors and over 800 one on one meetings. The Israeli companies that appeared before the Chinese investors were well-established high-tech companies alongside young startups, all of them received tremendous interest; to name just a few of those present: Raft Technologies, Similarweb, InifinityAR USA, Urecsys, XJet, Playermaker, I Know First, CENS Materials, Creative IC3D, Parazero, Baseline Vision, Finnovest, Valcare, Curalife, HIL Applied Medical, Nutritional Growth Solutions, MobileODT, Raziel Therapeutics, OCON Healthcare and more.

Following our big success in China, we will hold our next GoforIsrael International Investment Conference in Tel Aviv, Israel on December 2nd, 2019 at the Hilton Hotel in Tel Aviv.

In our conference the 1,000+ participants will come from publicly traded companies, Global VC and PE Funds, conglomerates, family offices, financial institutions and Israeli technology companies.

In previous years, our conference welcomed several Heads of States, including previous Prime Minister Ariel Sharon, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, and former French President Nicolas Sarkozy. Every year we count over 60 speakers and more than 1000 participants, a third of whom come especially from overseas; many of them are key decision makers and CEOs; many of them are key decision makers and CEOs of prominent global companies.

We are looking forward to welcoming you at the Hilton Hotel in Tel Aviv, Israel on Monday, December 2nd, 2019!