C’est en Israël que Google a lancé une expérience unique : un campus pour mamans!  Les bébés sont VRAIMENT autorisés dans l’incubateur! Cette idée a été un vrai succès. Elle est reproduite à présent en Corée et dans d’autres pays.

LE PLUS. The curriculum at Google’s Campus for Moms is designed to educate, engage, and empower women to take a leadership role as entrepreneurs – all in a child-friendly environment. By partnering up with local organization Yazamiyot and directing the program’s focus to moms on maternity leave, Google is tapping into a powerful, yet highly underdeveloped, market. The aim is to guide women in an exploration of their individualistic professional goals via workshops and training sessions led by leaders in the startup industry. Plus, it’s fun for baby, too.

LE PLUS. Google’s Campus for Moms was first introduced in Tel Aviv, Israel, and was sporadically adopted in other countries such as the UK, Germany and Poland. Since then, it has received an enthusiastic response from South Korean moms, 40 percent of whom leave their works sometime after childbirth, according to a survey of 2,533 households by the Korea Institute of Child Care and Education last year.

There are still many barriers for moms, according to Albert Han, head of Google for Startups Korea, during his welcome speech. He pointed out that the number of funding secured by female founders was less than 9 percent last year and only 2 percent in terms of the total amount of funding. “This is why we run Campus for Mom. While Google Campus for Startups can help moms in this regards, it is not enough to entirely solve the problem; only you can solve it,” Han said.

Adriel co-founder Sophie Soo-won Eom, the keynote speaker of the event, said even though moms get too busy to fulfil their dreams, being a mother can help build characters valuable to become entrepreneurs.