On November 26th at 6pm in Paris, Edouard Cukierman will present the new edition of the book « IsraelValley » (from 6pm to 7.30pm), co-written with Prof.Daniel Rouach.

« Israel Valley« , the technological shield of innovation, a book co-authored by Edouard Cukierman and Daniel Rouach. Israel is a unique country and a real innovation hub. A world power in high-tech sectors, a world leader in computer security, one of the pioneers of unmanned aircraft, medical imaging and drip irrigation, Israel is a country where R&D activities flourish. The authors of this book aim to conceptualize a model that can describe the reasons for the success of Israeli high-tech: the shield, the active epicenter open to the world.

Good to know : Close-up during the conference on Israel and its Venture Capital industry. In less than 10 years, the Hebrew state has established itself as one of the world’s giants in new technologies. What are the reasons for this success? Can we take inspiration from this « Silicon Valley » in the Israeli style to adapt it to France? The high-tech village that is already known as « Israel Valley » in reference to its big brother « SiliconValley » in the United States focuses on small pieces of land in the city centre of Tel Aviv. We talk about the success of Israeli innovation because the Internet and its activities have brought in more than 9 billion euros to the country’s economy, or 6.5% of the national GDP.

The Hebrew State, a technological superpower 

The scientific community is very active there. Israel is the country with the highest number of engineers among the population. It is a true ecosystem where researchers, students and entrepreneurs work closely together. According to some specialists, it is also the « Sartup Nation ». Every year, nearly 500 micro-enterprises are created in this small country, which is barely larger than Brittany. And of course the tax system is also very interesting, just enough to encourage foreign investors to come and settle in the country.

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Edouard Cukierman was born on 13 March 1965 in Paris. His father is Roger Cukierman, ninth president of the Conseil Représentatif des Institutions juives de France (CRIF). He settled in Israel in 1984. He served his military service at Tsahal as Réservé Officer. He graduated from the Technion – Israel Institute of Technology, where he received a B.Sc., and received a Master’s in Business Administration from INSEAD.

He is the founder of Catalyst Funds and chairman of Cukierman & Co Investment House. Additionally, he is the founder of the annual Go4Europe conference and the Go4Israel event, ( gathering once top Chinese leaders from the business community looking to discover Israel.

Edouard Cukierman together with Dr. Daniel Rouach co-authored the book « Israel Valley Le bouclier technologique de l’innovation » first published in June 2013, translated into Chinese in November 2014, and in Italian in June 2016 and now reedited.