A ESCP Europe, 10 startups d’Israël ont émerveillé 170 spectateurs.

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IsraelValley. (Tel Aviv). Plus de 170 personnes se sont rendus cette semaine (le 14 Juin) à l’ESCP Europe pour rencontrer et networker avec dix startupistes de Tel Aviv, Jérusalem, Beersheva qui ont fait un show digne des meilleurs moments de « The Voice pour Startups » à Paris.

Sélectionnés lors d’une session spéciale chez Google Tel Aviv par l’équipe de Challengy, dix leaders ont pitché  à Paris en avant première de Vivatech (ouverture le 15 juin 2017). Le jury a donné le premier prix à Intervyo.

L’évènement a été organisé par la CCFI et la CCIIF en collaboration avec Challengy.

Selon David Neeman (i24News) : « En 2016, 80 startups israéliennes avaient fait le déplacement. Elles seront nombreuses encore cette année, dans des domaines aussi divers que le transport (TruckNet, le « BlaBlaCar » des camions et bus), les drones (ParaZero), la fintech, la sécurité, ou même la fertilité humaine (Fruitful Way). Par ailleurs, des grands noms du digital sont attendus, tels Eric Schmidt, président exécutif d’Alphabet (maison-mère de Google) ou David Kenny, vice-président d’IBM Watson. Emmanuel Macron lui-même pourrait y faire une apparition, deux ans après avoir fait sensation alors qu’il était ministre de l’Économie. Le nouveau président français souhaite faire de la transition numérique l’un des moteurs de la croissance du pays ».

Les startups sélectionnées :

1.Trucknet   hanan@trucknet.co.il

Founded in 2014, Trucknet develops a cloud platform for transport and transport companies that improves vehicle utilization and reduces empty travel on the road by smart and profitable travel sharing

2. Parazero     Sabrina.bolzer@cigs-com

ParaZero Ltd. was founded in 2013 in Beer Sheva, Israel. The company was created by a passionate group of avionic professionals, together with veteran drone operators, to solve the industry’s primary challenge – safety. Today, ParaZero specializes in developing customized safety systems for a wide variety of manned and unmanned platforms. ParaZero’s RnD engineers work closely with drone manufacturers to create systems that are tailor made for their specific needs and attributes.

3. Intervyo    jacky@intervyo.com

Intervyo is the world’s first automated interview simulation system, which screens candidates for recruiters and accurately predicts their suitability for the job.

Intervyo uses human predictive analytics in an interview simulation engine to screen candidates and accurately predict their suitability for the job. The system has features such as semantic, facial, and intonation analysis and personality insights.

4. CHATERR   tmintz@level18.io

Chaterr is a platform to create tailor-made chatbots. Users can build the chatbot by themselves or use Chaterr services to do so.

Chaterr chatbots are designed to create business value, improve customer service, etc. Chaterr’s chatbots are integrated into the organization’s internal systems using information system technologies and NLP, offering the clients a variety of options for the chatbot’s functionality.

5. TUKUORO  amir@tukuoro.com

Tukuoro adds a voice layer to any application or device, in any language, producing an accurate and reliable voice interaction.

Tukuoro’s voice–user interface platform captures users’ voice and intelligently formats and processes it. The platform uses a robust, self-improving neuro-linguistic programming (NLP) engine, with a unique database subset per company, improving data accuracy within users’ own context, based on their terminology. The data is then entered automatically into users’ platform accounts, back office, or CRM/FSM.

Tukuoro provides both an application and an SDK for easy integration of voice functionality into an existing application.

6. ELECTROAD   Oren@electroad.me

ElectRoad founded in 2013, has developed a technology that powers the vehicle wirelessly from the road while driving. ElectRoad removes the energy source from the vehicle, reduces the cost and weight of the bus, and eliminates concerns about the range of battery-operated vehicles. ElectRoad plans to enter the European market through strong partnerships with leading companies in a shared revenue model. The company will initially target highly trafficked routes in dense city centers and on campuses.

7. WISESEC eyalb@wisesec.com

WiseSec develops, market and deploy advanced, flexible mobile-platform micro-location solutions, specializing in indoor and outdoor location tracking, mobile security, data loss prevention, mobile cyber-protection, and mobile customer experience technologies.

8. INNOVESTA   keren.kay@innovesta.co.il

Innovesta is a unique digital platform for early stage equity investments, allowing investors and entrepreneurs to incorporate effective real-time crowd-diligence process. Innovesta’s groundbreaking technology is built to serve Lead Investors, New Non-accredited angels & Entrepreneurs in the U.S.

9. WISESHELF      oron@wiseshelf.com

WiseShelf provides real-time insights about retail shelves in traditional stores, enabling them to enter the Internet of things (IoT). WiseShelf has developed a multi-sensor appliance that detects the number of products the shelf carries and sends data to a cloud-based, patented algorithm. Real-time alerts are sent to the retailer or supplier’s application. In addition, on-shelf visual guidance simplifies compliance to planograms and shelf replenishment processes. WiseShelf is a subsidiary of Wiseye Video Systems.

10. FRUITFUL WAY  udi@fruitfulway.com

Fruitful Way is the first comprehensive Digital Lifestyle solution for boosting a couple’s chances of getting pregnant. It integrates an app, clinical and scientific knowledge into easy-to-use, personalized and couple based fertility plan. Fruitful Way goes beyond the pill and integrates lifestyle management tools with science-based nutritional supplements resulting in revolutionizing marketing, upsell and cross-sell of this market segment